25 November 2017

2017 Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Structures


Due to their important properties of high strength and low weight, composite materials play nowadays a major role in the construction of aircraft, spacecraft and civil engineering works. Composites are fabricated from at least two distinct materials with these materials maintaining their own structures and properties. During service life, composite structures can undergo various disorders ranging from localized damage to debonding which may reduce substantially their performance and cause catastrophic failure.

Damage detection in composite structures is mostly difficult because of the extreme sensitivity of revealing signal to the actual microstructure configuration, which may make the damage quite invisible. Various methods based on non-destructive testing (NDT) are currently in use for inspection and evaluation of composites structures. However, the inspections are yet expecting more from NDT processes to ensure the adequate method to be used in order to provide the best results.

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Structures 2017 (NDECS’2017) will bring together researchers and experts from across the field of NDT in order to highlight recent developments being made, enabling for more efficient processes in the field of damage detection in composite structures. The event will contribute to discuss the best existing ideas and technologies in this field and participants will have the opportunity to make a clear understanding about the different NDT techniques and their reliability which can help them making the right choice for inspection commission of composite structures.

General information

Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Structures 2017 (NDECS’2017) will be held on November 25th 2017 in Tetouan, Morocco.

The major scope of NDECS’2017 will cover all relevant aspects of the science and technology of composite materials including: Non Destructive Testing, Damage and Failure, Fatigue, Delamination, Modelling and Numerical Simulation, Experimental Characterization and Health Monitoring.

The accepted manuscripts for NDECS’2017 will be published in a proceeding book with ISBN number. Authors of up to thirty best selected papers will be asked to submit full paper of 5 pages in order to publish them in a special edition of MATEC Web of Conferences (Scopus indexed), extra fees will be asked for that.

Scientific Program

The online registration platform is opened until 25th October 2017 via the following EasyCair link:

Senior Speaker
500 DH or 50 €
Student Speaker (On presentation of a valid student card)
300 DH or 30 €
Free attendant
200 DH or 20 €
Accompanying person
200 DH or 20 €


Congress Chair:

Abdellatif Khamlichi (Chair)

Abdellatif Khamlichi (Chair)
Abdellah El-Hajjaji (Co-chair)
Abdellah Driouach (Co-chair)
Abderrahmane Hajraoui (Co-chair)
Larbi Setti (Co-chair)

International Scientific Committee:

Mounia Ajdour (Morocco)
Francesc Lopez Almansa (Spain)
Lehcen Azrar (Morocco)
Mohammed Belhaq (Morocco)
Mohammed Bezzazi (Morocco)
Philippe Dubujet (France)
Mustapha El Jarroudi (Morocco)
Abderrahim El Omri (Morocco)
Mohamed Najib Ichchou (France)
Abdellah Jabbouri (Morocco)
Eric Jacquelin (France)
Marcin Kaminski (Poland)
Amalia Luque Sendra (Spain)
Francisco Mata Cabrera (Spain)
Miguel Angel Parrón Vera (Spain)
Maria Dolores Rubio Cintas (Spain)
Guillermo Rus Carlborg (Spain)
Francisco Zamora Polo (Spain)

NDECS’2017 Organizing Committee:

Abdelaltif Khamlichi (Chairman)

Zineb Achegaf
Abdeslam Aoukili
Sabri Attajkani
Abderrahmane Bakkali
Rachad Oulad Ben Zarouala
Loubna Bounab
Faouda El Khannoussi
Bouraida El Yamouni
Loubna Lehssissen
Zoubaida Mechbal
Abdelaziz Mouahid

Junior NDECS’2017 Organizing Committee:

Meriem Achbal
Younes Ahajjam
Hajar Benzeroual
Siham Bourras
Ikram Feddal
Khalid Hati
Nadia El Abbas
Sofia Rejani
Civil Engineering Club - ENSAte

Access to the centre of conference

Congress Secretariat:


  • Address: BP 2222, Mhannech, 93030 Tetouan, Morocco
  • Phone: 212(0) 1 46 33 08 00
  • Email: NDECS2017@gmail.com   khamlichi2205@gmail.com